Software Applications



Biogeo: an R package for assessing and improving data quality of occurrence record datasets.b – Read more here


The Sani Pass Explorer

This application takes you on a trip up the Sani Pass, highlighting the unique biodiversity and points of interest along this pass.

Climate Explorer

An application to explore the climate of selected cities around the world.

Bird communities simulation

A simulation of bird communities for three sites in Pretoria.  The app is used for teaching community ecology.

Elevation simulation

An application that simulates range shifts in species across an elevation gradient in response to climate change.

Data management

Join spreadsheets

A tool to join two spreadsheets by matching field names based on the data they contain.

Coordinate converter

An application to parse coordinates and convert them into decimal degree format. The app also produces a map of the data.

Learning R

Plotting in R

An application for learning how to produce a range of different plots in R. The app includes code that can be used to produce boxplots, barplots, line plots, regressions and more.

Plot parameters in R

An application that demonstrates the various parameters that are used for customising plots in R, including axis limits, axis labels, titles, symbols, colours, legends and more.

Symbols in R

An application to interactively select symbols and colours for use in R.