Prof. Mark Robertson

I am currently a lecturer in the Department of Zoology and Entomology, University of Pretoria. I am interested in biological invasions, species distributions, community ecology and the role that invertebrates play in ecosystem processes.

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Katherine Bunney

PhD Candidate

Project Title: The functional role of termites in savanna ecosystems

Alice Walker

PhD Candidate – University of Liverpool

Project Title: The functional importance of ants in savanna ecosystems

Candice Lamb

Masters Student

Project Title: Quantification of bioturbation by soil organisms in savannah ecosystems

Takalani Nelufule

Intern and former MSc student

Project Title: Investigating the potential consequences of moving native species within South Africa in terms of biological invasions

Tamryn Venter

Honours Student

Project Title:The factors preventing globally distributed agricultural pests from establishing in SouthAfrica

Eileen Engelbrecht

Honours Student

Project Title:Assessing the intraspecific variation in the ants of Sani Pass in response to temporal

Monica Leitner

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator for Soil Fauna in Africa (SoFIA) Consortium, South Africa
Royal Society – DFID Africa Capacity Building Initiative

Kerryn Grenfell

Administrator and Technician

DSI-NRF Centre for Invasion Biology – Administrator and Technician


Katelyn Faulkner – PhD and Postdoc 2019.
Identifying global priorities for the prevention of biological invasions.

Clara GaudardHonours Student 2018.
Intraspecific variation in ants: Testing a central paradigm of functional trait ecology.

Tom Bishop – PhD and Postdoc 2017.
What controls the stability of ant communities over environmental gradients?

Sarah Newman – Masters Student 2017.
Taxonomic and functional diversity of ants across environmental gradients.

Georgina Wilson – Masters Student 2017.
Assessing and prioritising corridors in Mpumalanga for the management of alien plants.

Cavin Shivambu – Masters Student 2017.
Risk assessment of tarantula species in the pet trade in South Africa.

Michelle Kral – Masters Student 2017.
The quantification of structural and functional connectivity of landscape corridors: A case study based on mammal corridor usage in a fragmented grassland ecosystem in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

Heather CampbellPostdoc 2016.
Evaluating the conservation value of Sand Forest for ant assemblages: unravelling the role of disturbance and conservation.

Ian EngelbrechtPhD 2016.
Taxonomy and Conservation of Trapdoor Spiders in Gauteng Province, South Africa.